The Special Economic Zone at Duqm was established in late 2011 as per the provision of the Royal Decree No.119/2011. It is a governmental organisation responsible for managing, organising and developing the Special Economic Zone at Duqm. It is also in charge of setting the regulations and legeslations for all economic activities at Duqm, in addition to handling planning and designing operations, implementing long-term strategies to attract different investments and projects.

The fees are different according to the activity and the type of usage. For more clarification please check the prices on the SEZAD website, Investment department.

  • Submitting investment application form with all required documents as per the model on SEZAD’s website
  • Sending the application form to Investors Services Department at SEZAD with all attachments.
  • The application will be evaluated by Investors Services Department at SEZAD.
  • In case the application meets all requirements, the application will be approved with allocation of land plot and its location coordinates and submitting a usufruct agreement given to the investor.
  • The investor shall be given 3 months to inspect the site and reviewing the usufruct agreement. Before the end of this period, the investor shall get back to SEZAD wit his approval on the location and agreement.
  • Upon agreement between the two parties, the agreement will be finalised and signed by both parties.
  • After getting the final usufruct agreement, the investor shall complete the process and obtain relevant licenses from SEZAD or concerned authorities to start his business.
All lands in the Zone are on rental basis given with a usufruct contract that could be renewed for another period.
There is no minimum capital required in case you are setting up a foreign branch or a local company.
Foreign investors can establish projects without the need of local partner in the project.
The Zone does not present any financial support to investors but it offers a group of incentives represented in tax exemption, land usufruct with a reasonable rate in addition to providing basic services.

All types of economic activities are allowed to set up in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm regardless of the type or size of these projects whether they are small or medium industries, or commercial services and logistics sectors or entertainment or tourism activities.

The Special Economic Zone at Duqm provides a package of facilities and incentives to both local and foreign investors along with the special geographical location of Duqm, the big existing multi- purpose port, big dry dock for ship repair, modern and developed facilities. There is a group of incentives such as 100% ownership for foreign investor, exemption of customs and income tax, and land usufruct for a long time and with competitive rates.

The Special Economic Zone at Duqm is designed to include sectors and main buisnesses like the following:

  • The Port and the dry dock
  • Fishing Port and fisheries industries
  • Industrial areas
  • Logistics services
  • Commercial Businesses Center
  • Tourism area and resorts
  • Educational Town
  • Refinery and petrochemicals complex
  • New Duqm City
  • Duqm Airport
The Special Economic Zone at Duqm is considered one of the biggest economic zones in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with its area of 2,000 square kilometres overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is also classified as one of the biggest economic zones in the world. Duqm is connected by a developed transport network including via sea, air, roads and railway. Duqm is rich with its natural treasures and moderate weather throughout the year, natural landscapes, beaches and Rock Garden.

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