Grievance Redress Mechanism SGRM

The intention of this approach is to enable individuals in Duqm to formally, legally or informally share a complaint. For instance, Employees, individuals, workers, communities and/or local associations if affected by certain business activities and operations within the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, whether related to employment, work environment, human rights violations, environmental, social or economic activities can report their complaint.

SEZAD Grievance Redress Services (SGRS)

The Grievance Redress Service (GRS) is managed by the CSR Section at the Partnership and Development Department, which reviews and directs the received complaints to the concerend department to respond as earliest possible.

The intention of this procedure is to make SEZAD more approachable by all segments of the society, so they can easily report on incidents, services and other concerns.

The GRS is concerned about all the aforementioned issues accept the ones related to land plots granted by the Ministry of Housing. Therefore, all enquiries received in this regard will be advised to address them to the Ministry.

Ease of Reporting Grievances


Whether you are an employee, an investor, a contractor, a laborer or a community member, select the right category, so we realise who’s reporting the grievance, products and services offered to the local community.


Decide whether you would like us to contact you or are you reporting it anonymously. Please note anonymous grievance or incident reporting are noted and addressed to the concerned department. Once you have registered your details, a SEZAD representative will contact you to acknowledge receiving your request.


As per the guidelines below, a representative will handle your request as all requests are registered and managed within the specified timeframe in order to ensure achieving the efficient solutions.

There are a number of options to utilise the Grievance Redress Services, however to ensure a swift response we highly recommend that the grievances are reported through the website link: Grievance Form

The CSR Section can be contacted during the working hours (8:00 am – 3:00 pm) Sunday to Wednesday on 25222153.

Note: All received phone calls must be followed up with an official letter of the complaint unless the call was for clarification purpose. All received calls will be documented for quality control purposes within SEZAD.

The official letter can be addressed to the Manager of the Partnership and Development Department (CSR Section) and can be dropped off directly to any of our offices in Duqm or Muscat. All received letters will be stamped with the delievery date noted and a follow up call would be made within 24 hours to acknowledge receiving the letter. Please note that phone numbers for contacting the applicant must be stated in the letter.

An email can be sent to the CSR Section at – this service is faster and more effective as all emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

All information regarding the process of the grievance system is available. Alternatively, you can fill a form online and send it to the Partnership and Development Department.

The form is directed to the CSR Section at the Partnership and Development Department as well as the Chief Executive Officer.


Governance and Confidentiality Promise

  • SEZAD shall keep all received grievances confidential and the identity of the whistleblower will not be disclosed unless required for investigation or legal action by concerned authorities.
  • The whistleblower on the other hand shall ensure credibility of the report by avoiding ill-founded rumors, fears and allegations; ensure accurate and objective reporting so the report is not motivated by revenge or personal dispute; report the violation as promptly as possible; keep the report confidential until all required investigation is completed and the violation is confirmed; be liable for the consequences of false, fraudulent or deceitful allegations in which case SEZAD has the right to take the appropriate disciplinary and legal actions against the whistleblower.

Response Times

  • All letters and forms filled online will be acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • All responses to the letters will be provided to the sender within 72 hours.
  • In case the response requires more time, the applicant will be advised on the expected time to respond within 72 hours.
  • All grievance issues will be handled by the Partnership and Development Department (CSR Section). In case the department is unable to assist or respond, the request will be directed to the CEO of SEZAD and the response will be shared within 7 working days as SEZAD strives to respond as earlist possible, but it depends on the subject of request.