SEZAD launches revamped website and new E-services

March 04, 2020

The Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm launched today its new website ( along with other 8 new e-services on its digital portal, available on the website in addition to the E-services presented at SEZAD’s Mobile App.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ismail bin Ahmed Al Balushi, CEO of the Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD) said, “Developing the website comes to keep pace with the rapid growth in the Zone and increasing interest of investors, and to provide all services presented by the One Stop Shop online in a bid to achieve an integrated digital transformation. These E-services have contributed to attract investment to the Zone and facilitate the accessibility to the services provided to investors and SEZAD’s customers online”.

“This comes in line with the digital transformation approach, which is one of the necessities for all government and private bodies which believe in the importance of developing and improving its administrative procedures and services as well as facilitating its accessibility to customers.” Dr. Al Balushi added.

Highlighting the importance of the website, the CEO commented, “The website is the most prominent platform introducing the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, with over (60) thousand people visit the website from all over the world every year. SEZAD worked on improving its website to keep pace with the aspirations of investors and visitors and to attract investments to Duqm”. 

SEZAD started its first website in 2012 and in 2014 won the Strategic Award for the Best Arab Government Websites, which translates the high success achieved by the website. “Reflecting on our belief in the importance to continue improving the services provided on the website, SEZAD worked on developing the website, its services and technical features to facilitate the accessibility to its different sections and interactive services” Dr. Al Balushi remarked.  

Social Media Platforms

Dr. Ismail Al Balushi, CEO of SEZAD, pointed out that “SEZAD has Six (6) social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. All these accounts receive great attention from the public, with over 14,000 thousand followers on Twitter only and the WhatsApp account attracted more than 1,300 subscribers so far. Through these accounts, SEZAD strives to promote Duqm by sharing information with the public and investors, and update them with all SEZAD’s news and activities. In fact, SEZAD’s accounts witness great interaction with the total interface on Twitter alone reached over two and a half million last year”.

Features of the new website

Commenting on the launch of the revamped website, Zahida Al Balushi, Studies and International Cooperation Manager at SEZAD, noted “The website brings new interactive features that help sharing important information about the Special Economic Zone at Duqm and serve as a guide for business and tourist attractions. In order to meet the demands of its browsers, the website has been divided in terms of content and design into four main sections, covering Duqm as a destination for investment, life, tourism and information about SEZAD”.

“The website provides significant information for those willing to invest in Duqm. It has facilitated the process for starting businesses by converting all the services provided by SEZAD into E-services. Moreover, the website includes key information for those planning to visit and live in Duqm including how to reach Duqm, different tourist landmarks and other needs for visitors and residents at Duqm” Zahida explained.  

The new version of the website is designed to be user-friendly and responsive with smart phones, in addition to the smooth accessibility to various components and sections of the website.  In view of that, it presents the services provided to investors, requirements for establishing a business in Duqm and links of the E-services. The website also introduces the online applying for job opportunities, reflecting on the digital transformation and transparency policy pursued by SEZAD.

Launch of 8 new E-services

SEZAD also launched today 8 new services presented at (, which are Consultant Commitment (Pledge), Contractor Commitment (Pledge), Work Authorisation Permit, Work Completion Certificate, New Construction Permit, Renew Construction Permit, Amend Construction Permit and Addition Construction Permit.

In this regard, Mohammed bin Abdulmajeed Al Hooti, Digital Transformation Manager at SEZAD, shed light to SEZAD’s plan towards digital transformation and related projects and its role to accelerate and develop the efficiency of all procedures as well as re-engineer them in line with the digital transformation strategy aimed at facilitating procedures for investors.

Al Hooti stated, “Via its digital portal, SEZAD presents a number of E-services including Land Usufruct application that has been launched recently, building permit, environment and social impacts studies, demarcation, land allocation via navigation systems, project elevation and site plan approval. Investors can log in into the services portal on their mobiles or via emails or electronic authentication by using smart cards represented in the ID card and residence card for non-Omanis living in the Sultanate.

Duqm Mobile App

During the occasion, features of the newly updated Mobile App “Duqm” were highlighted. Issa Al Sumri, Software and System Analyst Section Head at SEZAD, explained, “This App helps its users to obtain required information about the services provided by SEZAD, a display of daily flights to and from Duqm, weather forecast and important daily news about Duqm, as well as reporting on incidents”.

Release of new Tourist Map

Besides, the new edition of Duqm Tourist Map was launched as a guide for investors, tourists and residents of Duqm. Ahmed Al Fazari and Najya Al Hajri, GIS Specialists at SEZAD briefed the audience on the map, which demonstrates the master plan of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, the location of the Zone in the world, the different projects within the Zone, Tourist Area, landmarks and archaeological sites in Duqm and distance between Duqm airport and projects’ sites. 

The ceremony was concluded by a token of appreciation, presented by Dr. Ismail Al Balushi, CEO of the Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm, to all employees who contributed to the development of the new website of SEZAD.