Image of a beach in Duqm

Duqm … a unique tourist destination throughout the year

The Willayat of Duqm is located on a coastal strip on the Arab Sea open to the Indian Ocean and is about 550 km from Muscat Governorate. Duqm is one of the Willayats of Al Wusta Governorate and is distinguished by the rich fisheries and oil resources.
The Willayat of Duqm, known for its beautiful beaches and moderate weather, is be an ideal tourist destination for those looking for tranquility and peace of mind during summer where the temperature drops to as low as 25C°. The wilayat has a number of beautiful and virgin beaches the most notable of which is Al Shuwaier. Ras Madraka beach, 80 km away from the wilayat Center, is also one of the main tourist destination for those interested in camping beside the beachfront overlooking the Arabian Sea.
Complimented by the availability of various touristic resources, SEZAD has taken a number of initiatives to create an environment that is conducive for the growth of tourism investments. To this end, SEZAD dedicated an area of 25 square kilometer equipped with all infrastructure and utilities such as electricity, water, roads and telecom. The area will have a 19 km long beachfront façade. 
Besides the beaches , soft sands and mountain chains overlooking the Arabian Sea such as Ras al Duqm, Ras Markaz, and Ras Madraka, the wilayat of Duqm has many other attractions such as the rocks park, which hosts a number of geologically rare rocks that portray together a unique and charming picture of culture.
In-line with the growing importance of the tourism sector and the expected role it will play in realising the aspirations of the nation, SEZAD has prepared a master plan for the tourism, business and service areas inside the urban area within the urban area at the coastal strip. A number of areas of different sizes will be provided under this project to investors with interest in setting up hotels and beach resorts. SEZAD is also making endeavors to improve and diversify means of access to the area. It has completed the construction and operation of Duqm domestic airport, which started early operation on 23 July 2014 to connect Muscat to Duqm through four flights per week.
Moreover, SEZAD is completing the works to operate the cruise ships and sea transport dock, which will be part of the public berth at Duqm port. The dock is expected to be operational early 2016. At the same time, SEZAD is conducting a number of campaigns to promote the potentials of the area. To this end, it inked deals with tour operators in Oman and outside to increase the number of tourists visiting Duqm and enhance the occupancy rate at hotels throughout the year.
Duqm has a number of hotels and among these are the Crown Plaza which is a 4 star hotel and City Hotel which is a 3 star hotel. Omran, the investment arm of the government in the field of tourism, owns both hotels. Mohammed al Barwani Group has also constructed Park Inn hotel, which includes a number of chalets, suites and restaurants. The study conducted by international expertise house expects that the area will need between 5 to 8 hotels during the coming 20 years. Another study conducted by Duqm Port Company pointed out that Duqm can attract cruise ships especially those carrying onboard businessmen and tourists looking for quiet and environmental places.