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Grievance Redress Mechanism SGRM

Grievance Redress Mechanism (SGM)

The intention of this mechanism is to enable anyone within DUQM; to be able to formally, legally or non-legal have a complaint process that can be used by individuals, workers, communities and/or civil society organizations that are being affected by certain business activities and operations within the special economic zone authority.

Grievance Redress Services (SGRS)

The Grievance Redress Service (GRS) being handled by the Partnership and Development Department (CSR Section) ensures that complaints are promptly reviewed, addressed and responded within a certain time frame by the department within the Special Economic Zone Authority of SEZAD.

The intention of this procedure is to validate the importance of having SEZAD more accessible to its communities and to help ensure faster and better resolution related to any grievance or service issues.

The GRS is open to all however does not relate the same with regard to lands as this is handled by the Ministry of Housing, all enquiries received with regard to this will be advised of whom to contact at the Ministry of Housing as well as the dedicated person.

There are a number of options to utilizing the grievance redress services:


The Partnership & Development Department (PDD) can be contacted between the hours of operation (8am – 3 pm) Sunday to Wednesday on 24507216.

(Note: All Phone calls received must be followed up with an official letter of complaint unless enquiring; all calls taken will be noted to ensure a data of calls received).

Official Letter

The Official letter can be directed to the Manager of the Partnership and Development Department and can be dropped of either directly to any one of our offices in DUQM or Muscat – Most letters received will be stamped with the date received and a follow through call would be made within 24 hours to acknowledge receiving the letter. Please note that Phone numbers for contacting the individual must be placed within the letter.

Via Email

An Email can be sent to the Partnership & Development Department to – Please ensure that a copy of the letter is attached; this service is quicker and most effective and all emails will be responded to within 24 hours of receiving. 

Website Portal

Grievance Form

All information regarding the process of the grievance system is available as well as a form that can be filled online and sent directly to the Partnership and Development Department– this service provides the form directly to the CSR Section Manager as well as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Please note that an option is available for the individual filling the form to tick the anonymous button to ensure that there is no requirement for personal details to be filled.

Response Times 

  • All Letters and forms filled online will be acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • All responds to the letters will be provided to the sender within 72 hours of being received.
  • In the event the response will take longer an estimated time will be provided within 72 hours.
  • All Grievance issues will be handled by the Partnership and Development Department (CSR Section); in the event the department will is unable to assist or respond; it will be raised to the Deputy CEO of SEZAD – Here responses generally will be answered within a 7 days from the date of the letter/ grievance received, however can change depending on the complexity of the grievance.

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