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Special Economic Zone Authority for Duqm (SEZAD), was established by the Royal Decree in the late of 2011, as a regulatory and supervisory governmental entity responsible for regulating, managing and developing Al Duqm Special Economic Zone in the Sultanate of Oman and granted Financial and Administrative autonomy status.

It endeavors to transform Al Duqm into a world class investment and leisure endpoint through: Planning, designing, and implementing long term strategies for infrastructure development and to attract investments to promote a wide spectrum of economic activities, in addition to overseeing the urban expansion of modern Duqm city while protecting the environment, thereby ensuring Duqm its rightful place as the best location to visit, live, work, and invest in the Middle East. AL-Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority is on an inspiring progress path.

Listed below are some of the current openings in SEZAD.

Position No. Job Requirements

GIS Manager


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • To design, create and implement GIS for SEZAD that includes geographical and geological mapping of the area, hydrology and flood control, pipeline planning, town urban and industrial planning and land utilization, environmental planning and road traffic management.
  • Develop a long term strategy for the use and utilization of GIS to facilitate the long term and detailed planning and management of SEZAD’s development, assets.
  • Manage a classification process for data and build a SEZAD’s Geodatabase that manages power networks, gas-lines, water pipelines and telecom networks.
  • Evaluate technical aspects (system and analysis) of the GIS operational procedures, ensuring adherence with the corporate standards, industry best practices, safety regulations, security policies, and other governing parameters applicable.
  • Manage the related GIS application development and Integration including the design and creation of software tools used for: operational efficiency, decision making, study and analysis, forecasting and planning, and problem solving, for the day to day core business of the enterprise.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in GIS or Computer Science/IT or in a similar subject.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in spatial/Geodatabase and DBMS environment with extensive hands on experience with deployment of ArcSDE in a large enterprise environment.
  • Proficiency in related software ESRI, ArcSDE 10.3 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher and Python.



2 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Perform field surveys, including staking, boundary control, horizontal and vertical controls, hydrographic, topographic and environmental surveys.
  • Ensures the integration of field data and records into completed maps, plats, drawings and records.
  • Assists in construction, design, topographic, hydrographic, property and all types of control surveys.
  • Produces accurate detailed maps of properties and accurate surveying data in a timely manner.
  • Prepares and reviews maps, drawings, sketches, plats and simple reports
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized Diploma in Surveying or equivalent.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in surveying.
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD and shall have experience working with GPS, DGPS, Total Station, Digital & Automatic Level, and data collectors.

Head of
Compensations & Benefits


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Independently manage confidential payroll entries and other activities such as data inputs, run system interfaces, system approvals, payroll run, generating payroll reports.
  • Resolve all payroll issues and problems and ensure validity, accuracy and completeness of payroll.
  • Ensure accurate and timely end of service payment runs and staff related pension runs and submissions.
  • Check and review all kind of data entries before processing payroll.
  • Manage the HRMS related to payroll and identify and support resolution of system issues.
  • Ensure the HR accounts pertaining to payroll are submitted to Finance within the specified timeframe.
  • Communicate actively with Finance and IT for any payroll accounting and system issues and bring about enhancements if necessary.
  • Assist HR Manager on the management of rewards and other benefits as applicable to the organization.
  • Update payroll system and records, employee information such as exemptions, transfers and resignations, performance appraisals, benefits and rewards.
  • Communicate with government pension fund and other external sources.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in HR/Administration/ /Finance/Accounting or equivalent. CIPD desirable.
  • At least 6 years’ experience in similar work with proficiency in using the ERP System, HRMS and MS software.

Assistant Specialist for
Planning &
Follow up


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Assist in the planning process, preparation of operational plans and coordinate with the various departments within SEZAD.
  • Prepare and update reports on the development program and the execution status of the projects and consultancy studies, tenders and technical studies.
  • Follow up and update on various matters related to Planning Section and provide necessary reports.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in Finance/Accounting or equivalent.
  • Up to 3 years’ experience in related field with proficiency in MS office and government system software.

Labour Inspector


2 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspection of offices and retail outlets in order to ensure that the status and activities of companies’ employees are as per the agreement and in line with SEZAD’s rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that the working criteria and condition are in line with the government standards and rate the unsafe working conditions and collect evidence for working condition endangering workers for legal proceedings.
  • Ensure compliance of employment contract of employees are per Oman’s Ministry of Manpower laws and in line with the agreement with SEZAD justifying the rules and regulations.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized diploma/degree in HR/Administration or equivalent.

Assistant Board Committee’s Specialist


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Study and give recommendations on matters presented to Boards & Committees Department.
  • Follow up the implementations of Boards and Committees’ resolutions and recommendations.
  • Prepare Board documents, perform administrative duties including basic research, filing, correspondence, and telephone communication.
  • Make reports on the matters presented to the Boards and Committees Department.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in administration or equivalent.

Listed below are some of the current openings in Tatweer.

Position No. Job Requirements

Document Controller


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • To carry out effective documentation, document control and data management of TATWEER including document archiving and document imaging, maintaining total confidentiality of all documents, E-Tendering administration.
  • Manage the operation of the document control center to ensure that all users have the latest revision of appropriate documentation in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure, including technical documents, drawings, and commercial correspondence.
  • Perform clerical typing duties to generate documents as necessary.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized Diploma or equivalent.
  • At least 3 years related work experience in office work, documentation and control.
  • Proficiency in usage of Computers and office equipment & systems.

Assistant Contract/Cost Estimate Engineer


2 Duties & Responsibilites
  • To provide tenders and/or quantity-surveying support on site and in the office with focus on the tender administration and/or post-tender contract administration.
  • Scrutinize, review of tender drawings and documents for discrepancies, additional BOQ items, scope and incorporating within the tender offer.
  • Compilation, evaluation, analysis and cost database of tender/bid offer submissions.
  • Analyze and recommend subcontract payment application based on actual progress of work and in accordance with the terms of the contract conditions.
  • Carry our contractual correspondence with contractors/ stakeholders as necessary.
Qualification & Experience
  • A recognized bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • Up to 2 years’ experience in a Consultancy, Construction or Governmental, Ministries, etc.

Electrical Engineer


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Assist in preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and preparing tender evaluation report for electrical engineering related projects.
  • Supervise and administer the execution of projects, monitor and report progress status of projects.
  • Liaise with governmental authorities, services providers and stakeholders.
  • Review and approve submissions from contractors, consultants and stakeholders.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

Mechanical Engineer


1 Duties & Responsibilites
  • Assist in preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and preparing tender evaluation report for nmechanical engineering related projects.
  • Supervise and administer the execution of projects, monitor and report progress status of projects.
  • Liaise with governmental authorities, services providers and stakeholders.
  • Review and approve submissions from contractors, consultants and stakeholders.
Qualification & Experience
  • Recognized degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.


  • The above positions are based at Al-Duqm
  • Interested applicants shall forward their CV in English in MS Word or PDF format only, indicating the position code in the email subject to latest by 01/06/2017.
  • Applications forwarded without mentioning position code and/or after the deadline date shall not be considered
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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