SEZAD completes the implementation of a major electrical transformer plant project in Light- Industries area in Duqm

August 07, 2022

Duqm- 7 August 2022

As part of its plan to keep pace with the economic growth witnessed in the zone, the management of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD), in cooperation with the Rural Areas Electricity Company – (Tanweer), completed the implementation of the main transformer plant for electricity in light-industries area, with a capacity up to 60 megavolt- amperes, at an estimated cost of about 2.6 million RO.

Eng. Saeed bin Ahmed Bani O’raaba, In Charge of the Electricity and Water Regulation Department in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, confirmed that the electricity distribution plant is equipped with the latest electrical equipment according to the Omani standard specifications, and it will feed several under-construction projects in the light- industries area and exhibition area in SEZAD, through a distribution network consisting of ground cables with voltages of 11 kV and 415 V through distribution plants distributed in the schemes. The main plant contains a number of electrical transformers, control rooms, measuring and protection equipment and devices, and a SCADA system.  The plant feeders are designed to operate on a voltage of 33 kV in an annular manner to ensure the continuity of electricity supply to investors if any feeder is exposed to emergency failure, and the plant will feed the current and future electrical loads in these areas according to the master plan of this area.

Eng. Saeed added that a number of electricity network connection works to investors have been completed, and other requests for electricity connection to under-construction projects in the light- industries area and exhibitions area are in progress. Several projects have been connected to the electricity network including the drinking water project, metal structures project, the main water tank station, and other existing projects. Works are on the move to complete electricity connection to 10 other under construction investment projects in the industrial zone and to lighting lamps manufacture factory and other targeted investments in the zone.

 Engineer Saeed Bani Orraba said that the authority attaches great importance to speed up power supply  to Investors. After transferring electricity regulation competencies to the Authority, OPAZ amended electricity service supply regulation to speed up the pace of electricity supply to investors, and this has had a positive impact, in increasing demand for electricity and the number of customers in SEZAD ; E.g., the number of subscribers to the electricity service increased to 5,031 customers by the end of 2021 compared to 3490 subscribers in 2020, an increased rate of up to 30%.

Eng. Saeed Bani Orraba added that there are other projects in the electricity sector in their final stages, examination stages, and experimental operation, distributed in different targeted schemes in the zone, which will be announced consecutively, in the implementation of OPAZ plan to promote the schemes by providing necessary services and increasing investors demand.